Bed Advices for a Better Sleep

The mattress you sleep on could have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. One of the most important things that many people fail to realise is that there are several different kinds of mattresses available right now, each of which is designed to offer different kinds of comfort. For instance, there are separate mattresses for those who suffer from back pain. If you have suffered some sort of injury, you can check them out.

Like any other item in your house, the mattress also has a useful lifespan. Whether you buy a spring mattress or a foam mattress, it generally lasts around four to five years. After that, the springs will tend to give way, and the foam will begin to lose its firmness. Therefore, you will need to replace the mattress after this time. Companies such as Sleep Junkie sell a wide variety of different mattresses. You can browse through the company’s selection in order to see the different types of mattresses that they offer. However, before you buy a mattress, here are a few pieces of bed advice that might help you out:

Watch Out for Marketing Gimmicks

 In order to boost sales, plenty of mattress companies often use a series of marketing gimmicks. For instance, they might put up a stamp on the mattress that it’s “orthopaedic” or “medically approved.” However, it’s important to note that there isn’t any medical organisation that approves mattresses or provides any sort of certification that gives companies the license to use such labels. Even though the mattress might have features that are orthopaedic friendly, it’s unlikely that the mattress itself was medically approved by any organisation. Do not fall for such marketing gimmicks!

Lie Down on the Mattress

 When you are the mattress store, it’s best to first check out different types of mattresses before making a decision. You should lie down on the mattress for at least ten minutes in order to get an idea of whether the mattress is comfortable or not. Do not feel self-conscious; most mattress companies already expect you to test it thoroughly before buying. A new mattress isn’t exactly affordable, so you will have to pay a considerable amount of money. It’s always best to do your research and consider your options before you pay so much money.

Comfort Guarantee and Warranty

 Before you buy a new mattress, it’s always wise to ask about the comfort guarantee and any warranty provided by the company. A number of mattress manufacturers now provide what is known as the comfort guarantee. You can test the mattress out for a few days before deciding whether you want to stick with it or not. However, before you buy the mattress, it’s important to read through the terms and conditions, so that you know the time-frame for replacing the mattress, and the factors that will void your warranty. It’s also recommended that you purchase a waterproof mattress protector, since stains on the mattress will void your warranty.