Health Benefits of Sunrooms

If you are trying to decide whether or not to add a sunroom onto your California house, you might be thinking about the recreational benefits. What you may not realize is that sunrooms have health benefits as well. Here are a few of the healthy reasons to add a sunroom.

Fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder

Even though San Diego winters can still be bright, the days are shorter, and exposure to less natural light in the winter can lead to lethargy, weight gain and depression. With sunrooms San Diego, you can get as much natural light as possible during the hours of daylight, and this can help on those shorter winter days.

No Pests

When you have a sunroom built onto your home by contractors like Teknik Inc., you have the opportunity to enjoy the sun without being bothered or bitten by bugs. You can also avoid the use of insect repellent that may contain chemicals that are not good for you.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important and may fight everything from rheumatoid arthritis to diabetes to even some types of cancer. Sun is the best source of vitamin D. A sunroom helps to ensure that you get some nearly every day.

Stress Relief

A sunroom can be made a kind of indoor/outdoor sanctuary with plants and other restful objects reminiscent of nature throughout the space. You can use the sunroom to meditate or to just step away and sit quietly for a few minutes in a place that is warm and peaceful. Reducing stress builds your immune system and has a beneficial effect on your overall health.

Lower Blood Pressure

Sun exposure lowers blood pressure and might also lower the chances that you will have a heart attack or stroke. It is believed that this is due to the reaction of nitric oxide in the skin to sun exposure. The oxide expands blood vessels which cause blood pressure to go down.

It’s great to get more sun, but sometimes duties at home can keep you from enjoying the outdoors as much as you would like. If child care, chores, working from home or any other responsibilities are keeping you cooped up inside, with a sunroom, you can still enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without leaving the house. Your family can enjoy a boost in both mental and physical health with this addition to your home.