How To Make Your Wood and Concrete Surfaces Last: Three Benefits of Pressure Washing

Deep stains and ground in dirt are two indications that your wood surfaces need some attention. Erosion can happen even to the best maintained floor. Insects and other pesky animals can leave “presents” that are hard to clean. Mold residue and grime are big deterrents to maintaining your wood and concrete surfaces. There are three benefits of pressure washing. These are:


Preventive Maintenance

Everyday dirt and grime create havoc. Deep stains, gum and other substances age both wood and concrete surfaces. Pressure washing can help wash dirt and grime away from these surfaces. Regular pressure washing will prevent mold from forming.

Saves Costly Repair or Replacement

Dirt, grime and mold build up over time. Deep stains, marks and oil spots can wear away your wood surfaces. Some substances can eat away wood and concrete surfaces until they need to be replaced. Pressure washing eliminates these substances from your wood and concrete surfaces.

A Clean and Healthy Environment

Probably the most important benefit of pressure washing is that it creates a clean and healthy environment. Germs, insects and other nasty intruders create an unhealthy environment for anyone to live or work in.

Protecting your wood and concrete floors is the best reason for using a professional pressure washing service. Many hard surface cleaning experts utilize pressure cleaners to power away dirt and grime.

Who should I contact for professionally maintained floors?

The institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (ICRC) recommends cleaning technicians that are expertly trained in using the correct cleaning chemicals, equipment and tools to do the work. Renew Crew of Little Rock has the certified technicians to do this type of work.

When should I call the professionals in to clean my floors?

Everyday dirt and grime can usually be cleaned using your own pressure cleaner. Deep stains and hard to reach areas should probably be handled by professionals. Specialty coated floors need the attention of a professional that has been trained to maintain and treat these floors.

Why should I pressure wash my floors instead of just mopping them?

Mopping floors is a good way to regularly maintain and get rid of surface dirt and grime. Unfortunately in some cases mopping just doesn’t get all the dirt and grime. Pressure washing powers dirt and grime away from hard surfaces. It also creates a concentrated heat and chemical reaction that eliminates germs and other parasites.

In other words, mopping only cleans surface dirt. Pressure washing attacks below the surface for a deeper and more lasting clean.

Is pressure washing just for exterior surfaces only?
No, basements and indoor garages benefit from such deep cleaning.