Renew Crew of little Rock will show you the best way to clean your deck. Since decks are mostly outside, they tend to become dirty more often, and most people are at a loss on how to clean and maintain it. This article will show you how to clean your deck and maintain it sparkling clean for years. It is worth noting that sprucing up your deck will make it last longer and reduce the cost of maintenance. Therefore, to get the best value for your investment, we will teach you the proper way of cleaning your deck.

Deck Cleaning

Method 1: Clearing and preparation

To achieve the best results in your cleaning process, you are advised to clear off the deck by removing everything. Items like furniture should be removed to another location or stacked together in a corner if removing it not feasible. Every precaution should be observed to avoid injuries; you do not want to break your leg in the process. Once the area has been cleared, have an outdoor broom and sweep the deck to get rid of all dirt and debris. The deck should regularly be swept to avoid the buildup of dirt because the accumulation of dust would adversely affect the condition of the deck.

Second Step: Using the right products

There is a wide range of products available in the market today, but the cost effective way is to use soapy water and a brush. Use a horse pipe to create pressurized water on the surface, and the results would be stunning. However, if you want to use the cleaning chemicals available in the market, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you are using a new cleaning solution, it is advisable to test it on a small portion of the deck that is non-prominent before using it on the whole deck. This approach is to ensure the cleaning solution does not leave stains on the surface.

Third Step: Washing and rinsing

Use a brush, scrub carefully and gently not to scratch the surface. The washing should follow the pattern of mowing the lawn that is using strips to ensure no spot is missed, and more efforts should be concentrated on areas of heavy dirt. After cleaning, rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.

Fourth Step: Maintenance

Once the deck is clean, maintenance work should follow by applying some coating on the surface. The type of coating would depend on some factors like the material of the deck, the coating that was applied previously among many others. If you are not sure, contact Renew Crew of Little Rock, because we are the experts in the field.


It is imperative to maintain a regular cleaning schedule of your deck because it is not a painful procedure. Besides, it will keep your deck in an appealing shape and last for many years. It is worth noting that if any food or oil spills on the deck, it is advisable to clean it immediately to prevent the stains from forming on the surface. Using warm soapy water and rinsing the spot, will ensure a lean deck all the time. You can always find your cleaning solutions at Renew Crew of Little Rock.