Useful Tips for Insulating Your Pole Barn

You might not keep animals in your metal barn, but there is a purpose why it exists in your property. It could be the place where you keep your stuff, a private office, a “man cave” or a secret club venue.


Whatever the building will be for, you will want it to be insulated if you intend to spend time in it.  When you decide to insulate your steel barn, you will be dictating the heating and cooling, the noise levels and the kind of ventilation you require for your building.


It is always important to insulate your building based on your needs. Remember insulation separates the outdoor and indoor elements; in simple terms, it means keeping the heat out when the weather is scorching hot and retaining the heat inside when it is stifling cold outside.


Insulation will make you comfortable and save you a lot of cash that you would have spent on energy costs required for controlling the airflow in your building.

How Thick Should Your Insulation Be

You have to get your insulation thickness right because moisture and condensation can result from uncontrolled air flow and in the end cause damage to any valuables that you have stored inside your barn. Depending on the type, the insulation can range between R-5 to R-16.


The R value represents the insulative properties of the insulation material.  A higher insulation capacity is equivalent to a higher R value. For example, R-5 fiberglass insulation contains a lower insulative value compared to an R-16 one which will provide an insulative value that is three times more than the R-5.


A thicker insulation job, with six-inches of fiberglass, for example, increases the value of a steel building. It also allows the property owner to incorporate any of the several interior finishing choices.

Insulation Materials

There are usually three common choices of insulation material, and they are as follows:-


  1. Fiberglass

This is a commonly used insulation material because it is lightweight and can be acquired at a low cost. Most contractors can install fiberglass insulation, but when it comes to the blown fiberglass, special skill, special equipment and protective gear is always required.


  1. Foam

When installed the right way, foam does a superb job of insulating a steel building. It costs more than fiberglass and also requires special training to install. If you have the money insulating with foam could be the best choice.


  1. Cellulose

It is a kind of blown insulation that is usually installed in attic areas of a home. It has a higher R-value per inch compared to blown fiberglass.


What Are Your Needs

Your need will influence your choice of insulation material. If you are going to be spending most of your time in your barn or garage during the hot summers, cold winters or cold nights, choose the insulation material that will make you most comfortable during your stay in the building.  Discuss your needs with your contractor and they will advise you accordingly.

Do You Have Animals?

If you are confining animals in your barns such as horses, or cows, they naturally generate heat. The best thing to do is install your insulation under the steel roof to decrease condensation during hot seasons effectively.


With animals, ventilation is essential because in the end animals need clean air for them to stay healthy. As you design your steel building, make sure the ventilation allows plenty of airflows.

Choosing the right insulation material for your pole barn shouldn’t be difficult if you keep the above in mind. They are reputable metal barns WV manufacturers that can be very helpful in educating you on the right insulation material for your steel building.